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Electrical drives retrofit

The modernization of the electrical part of machinery and equipment is justified in the cases when the mechanical part of the machine is in good condition. The modernization allows for optimization of the operating cycle of the machine and at the same time energy savings.
Subject to modernization, most frequently are electric drives with wound-rotor induction motors and DC motors.

- Wound-rotor induction motors and the starting rheostats to them shall be replaced with asynchronous motors powered by frequency inverter.
- The DC motors used to drive machines with the need of infinitely variable speed control more and more decrease, displaced by the AC asynchronous electric motors. There are cases in which in existing machines the replacement of DC motor with asynchronous is hampered or would lead to unforeseeable changes in the mechanical characteristics of the machine. Upon good residual operation life of the DC motor, an optimal option is the replacement of the power - from generator-motor group (Leonard group) to AC/DC converter.

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